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Lithoz GmbH is the world and technology leader for high-performance ceramic materials and 3D printers. Founded in 2011, Lithoz is committed to breaking the boundaries of ceramic production and expanding manufacturing opportunities for the ceramic industry. The company has an export share of almost 100%, almost 100 employees and subsidiaries worldwide.

In Łukasiewicz - Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials we conduct research and develope innovative technologies. We focus on environmental protection.

GeniCore as a material engineering-based company provides unique sintering technologies for a variety of innovative materials and applications. As it is its highest priority, GeniCore works to produce groundbreaking inventions in order to deliver competitive advantage for customer applications. SPS technology (Spark Plasma Sintering) also called FAST technology (Field Assisted Sintering Technology) enables effective consolidation of pure metal powders, metal alloys, and ceramic and metal composites using pulsed direct current. The key aspect of FAST technology is the possibility to carry out the sintering process at a significantly lower temperature than other available methods. This has a beneficial effect on limiting the growth of grain and ensures much better parameters of the created materials. The advantages of FAST also include a very short sintering time and uniformity of the resulting material, as well as high energy efficiency related mainly to the direct generation of heat in the material.


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